The Material Culture of Irish Memorabilia (Jessica Woods)

Ireland and the Irish. Throughout the globe, the Irish are celebrated for our love of drinking and our fantastic scenery. Our culture is instantly recognisable. Wherever you go, you will find an Irish pub to drink in etc.,


What I will be focusing on is the importance of Irish memorabilia.

Tourists and natives alike are very interested in picking up tokens of memorabilia from Irish shops. Souvenirs from their trips or a local purchasing a old Irish proverb on a fridge magnet are often found in these stores. In places like Killarney, where there is a high level of tourism, Shop owners earn a living by stocking up on pieces that will interest their consumers

This picture was taken in Killarney in March 2012. The colour green in synonymous with Ireland and one can see that the owner has delivered in what tourists want. When you walk into the store, you are immediately hit with a sea of green.

But why is this memorabilia so important and why does Ireland promote it so much? In a culture full of folklore and creating lasting relationships, it is understandable that people would want to take a little piece of Ireland home with them. Whether that piece be a fridge magnet, a tea towel or even a t-shirt, people want to remember their time here.

555263_416235438391122_1212894941_n (1)This picture shows the popularity of the American President Barack Obama. There is no doubt that the highest density of tourists come from America. With the Irish Diaspora scattered around America, they will visit to learn more about their possible ancestors culture, etc., By producing a figurine of Obama, this will entice the tourists to buy them and other items too!

The Irish have created a way in which they can promote their country and make a profit. Tourists enjoy having a full and thoroughly enjoyable experience while their visiting a country, and their is no doubt that the Irish people provide that for their tourists.

Jessica Woods



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